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Author of Action-Filled Thrillers

Each novel forms a tapestry filled with color, pattern, and texture.

J. Stewart Willis’ novels are rich with insight and experience based on real-life events. While writing was always his goal, life had kept him too busy to pursue his passion for many years. In fact, for a long time, his only claim to authorship was a book he wrote in college. However, a busy work life did not diminish his passion for storytelling. Each path he took in life is weaved into his writing, from his days in the military to his more recent time spent in technology and politics.

Gestation Seven

An experiment to reduce the gestation period of the human race goes wrong.

Deadly Highway

A contract proposal to replace the interstate highway system causes corporate turmoil.

Three Degrees and Gone

Coastal flooding in the year 2088 results in three families illegally immigrating to Canada.

One Vote

The death of the president-elect leads to constitutional chaos and its eventual resolution.

Requiem for Geraldine Gerbil

A children's author is not what she seems to be.

The Johnson Place

The Johnson Place in 3D

The story of a piece of land and the people who lived there.

Tent City Convoy

When Jamestown is flooded and her husband drowns, Marg migrates inland, but is followed by her demons.

Three Degrees and Gone

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